The purpose of our request form

We try our best to be available as much as possible. We want to help you and other students around the world succeed. However, we're not perfect. Our schedules sometimes don't match up, but we still want to help you.

This is why we have created this request form. Using this form, you can request a date and time for chats and tutoring sessions that is not on the schedule. We take every request into careful consideration and will do everything we can to accommodate you. Accommodation is not guaranteed, but if we can get you in, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Please fill out all the fields in the request form below, as well as a detailed explanation of your request (Full date, time, as well as time zone).

One of our representatives will contact you shortly after your request has been submitted.

Note: We highly recommend that you only request sessions more than 24 hours in advance so as to allow our team some time to process your requests.