Why is Math so important, anyway?

At some point in your life, you might have been quietly working on your Algebra homework when you stop and ask that question which many middle and high school students ask: “Why is Math so important, anyway? Why do I have to do this, night after night, month after month, year after year? Why?” You may think: “Well, if I was planning to go to Harvard and be a scientist or a doctor, Algebra might be important. But what if I want to be an artist? A musician? An actor? Do I need to know how to solve functions and factor equations then?”

First of all, regardless of what career you are pursuing, math is important in the college admissions process. If you plan to go to a college or university of any kind, most require students to take at least 2-3 years of math. In addition, having a good knowledge of math can help you on your standardized tests such as the SAT, also important in college admissions. In fact, the College Board (www.collegeboard.com) says that students who took geometry in high school have about an 80% chance of attending college, regardless of things such as race or religion.
Your math skills can also help you once you get into a college, as most schools which require General Education classes to be taken will also require a quarter or semester of math.

But now you may be saying, “Ok, math helps you get into college. But still, what if I don’t want to be an astronaut or an accountant? Does math matter then?” Yes. Most jobs require employees to have some basic math knowledge, even if it is not central to the occupation. The College Board also says math can positively impact your career even if you don’t become something that focuses on math. For example, even basic math provides you with logic and critical thinking skills, as well as the skills to solve problems and recognize patterns and relationships. These skills are essential for the workplace, no matter the field.

To sum up, math is important in the college admissions process, college itself, as well as your future career as it provides you with skills that are very beneficial in any area of work.

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