Customer Complaint Resolution Policies and Procedures

 Goals of the policy

Complaints are valuable to us because they help us assess the quality of our services, as well as enable us to see what we need to improve.

 Math Galaxies seeks to resolve any complaints you may have quickly, confidentially and peacefully. We want the complaint handling process to be as quick and simple as possible for you, the customer.

 Definition of a complaint

Complaints are defined as an expression of dissatisfaction made to the business concerning a product or aspect of the business by a customer.

Recording complaints

All complaints will be recorded at the time it was made or very shortly afterwards.

 Staff will record all details of the complaint including date and contact information of the customer.

Customers’ personal information and the details of the complaint will not be shared with a third party unless we have written permission.

Informing customers of progress

We do our best to resolve all complaints within 7 days. If any delay or change has been made to their complaint process, they will be informed promptly.

Customers will be informed of any changes we have made to our services because of their complaint.

Responding to complaints

We strive to resolve customers’ complaints as soon as possible. When appropriate to the complaint, we can offer a refund of the service that was less than satisfactory to the customer.

If the complaint cannot be resolved immediately, the customer will be given a timeframe as well as details of a contact person and our complaint handling process.

Management can resolve a complaint by:

•Offering a full refund of unsatisfactory service 

If the customer’s complaint is in opposition to statement(s) in the Math Galaxies Terms and Conditions policy, the customer is the offending party and Math Galaxies is thereby not responsible for the complaint.

Review of complaint handling policy and procedures

Math Galaxies is committed to improvement and we value the feedback given by our customers. This policy will be reviewed regularly to ensure our customers receive the best care we can offer.


This complaint handling policy is supported by the management team at Math Galaxies.

                             Signed by Math Galaxies Management

March 5, 2017