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Video Lectures

Do equations confuse you? Does the thought of a number line baffle you? Well, fear no longer! Check out our video lectures on Pre-Algebra here!

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Galaxy Q&A

Have a question and no one to ask? No answers to be found? Well, here's your answer! Contact one of our teachers and ask your question, and... ta-da! Not only do you have your answer, but you know why and how it came about.

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Monthly Webinars

Ready for some deep, heavy-duty, hard core math instruction? This course is for you! Get your notebooks ready and sit in for a 2 hour long teaching session on a difficult topic, intermingled with some fun Q&A and challenging example problems.

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Our Mission

Math Galaxies exists to help students understand the necessary fundamentals of Pre-Algebra and to answer their questions. We believe that there are no limitations to brilliance, and that every single person is capable of being brilliant. Brilliance is a choice, and the choice is yours. Here at Math Galaxies, we choose brilliance, every day, one day at a time.

We have noticed how students struggle with understanding the more challenging concepts of math and be too intimidated to ask for help. But no more.

Math Galaxies provides free instructional video lectures on the basic topics of Pre-Algebra, and helpful Q&A sessions every week for a low cost. In addition, we offer the ultimate: webinars each month covering a wide-spread, difficult concept you may be struggling with. For $55, you get this mega-2 hour session: teaching, Q&A, and fun example problems.

So, we invite you, the student, to join us as we embark on this exciting journey through mathematics. We are thrilled to be guiding you through your math career.


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